On St. Patrick's Day in Wisconsin, a lady gave out cookies made with marijuana to people.

When the St. Patty's Day celebration happens over a weekend, it could take several days before all the crazy stories come out.

People are ready to let loose for this holiday but they want to at least know what they are getting themselves into. I can see why they would get upset with these "special treats."

According to mystateline.com,

"Shawano County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin arrested a woman accused of handing out cookies laced with drugs. She is accused of handing out cookies laced with cannabis on St. Patrick's Day. A witness turned the cookie over to the deputies after receiving the laced treat from a woman in a green hat. The deputies tracked down the woman who was visibly intoxicated. Officers found a container with pills and some gummy candies. The cookie and gummies tested positive for cannabis."

I bet there were a lot of people looking for some corned beef and cabbage.


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