A new possible law would protect workers from being fired because of private marijuana use.

Here's a good question about smoking cannabis. If you live in a state where recreational weed is legal, can you get fired from your job for using it on your own time?

Currently, the answer is yes, but that might change.

"While recreational marijuana use is legal for adults in the state, workers can still be fired for using the drug, even if it's outside of work and its effects have worn off by the time they return to their jobs."

According to according to mystateline.com,

"A proposed law in Massachusetts would bar employers from firing workers for using marijuana legally on their own time."

It would be more like alcohol.

If this bill passes, it could be good news for Illinois.

The new governor is looking to legalize pot, so this bill can't be too far behind.

"Federal contractors would be exempted as marijuana remains illegal under U.S. law."

"There is currently no reliable test for marijuana impairment and drug tests can detect traces of cannabis days or weeks after use."

Feel free to partake after work, just not at lunch.


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