When you make a reservation you should show up... or at the very least you should answer the phone when the restaurant tries to confirm with you.

Ok before we get to what actually happened Saturday night in Rockford, let me tell you a short story of when I was a server.

It was Super Bowl Sunday and we had a restaurant full of reservations. Every server on the floor had one or two reservations and everything was lined up, especially because everyone would be coming into the restaurant around the same time to get ready for the game.

Our restaurant was packed by 2pm and we were all running around helping each other when I suddenly realized I was doing a lot of helping and not a lot of order taking because my big reservation never showed up. No call, no show, nothing. I was working for two hours helping my co-workers without serving anyone on my own and ended up going home before halftime.

This isn't an isolated incident.

Something similar happened this Saturday here in Rockford at Abreo.

Abreo owner, Paul Sletten tells the story best:

Like I said before... when you make a reservation show up but at the VERY least answer the phone.

We've all been through a lot in the last two years, and some of the things we've dealt with we can't fix, but this thing, we can fix. C'mon Sherry.

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