We're always talking about wrapping thing in bacon, but what if instead you try wrapping bacon in things... sweet things like cotton candy.

Sometimes I try to think back before the world of social media.

Facebook was invented just before I went to college so I had an account pretty quickly in late 2005, and spent many hours in my dorm room posting on my friends' walls... that's how we did it way back when... but I never would've expected that the social media website aiming to connect you with fellow new students would end up being a bulk of my professional job and also where I spent my lunch hour drooling over restaurant pages.

I mean I'm sitting here eating some weird frozen vegetable thing and an apple and I'm stopped in my tracks looking at the latest invention from Abreo.... cotton candy wrapped bacon?

I have so many questions!

Where did this idea come from?

Do you have to use a special kind of bacon?

How far in advance do you have to cook the bacon before attempting to wrap it in cotton candy?

What flavor cotton candy works the best?

How do you go about eating such an interesting thing?

Almost as important... who is Heather and how come I didn't get invited to her delicious birthday party?

Also I'd like a mini croque madame please.

Maybe I'll get my answers thanks to this story!

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