A new way to experience your favorite food is coming to Illinois and it's called Pizza Theater.

Who doesn't love pizza?

What person doesn't appreciate being entertained? Especially when they're at a restaurant waiting for their food to be served.

There is a simple way to combine them.

It's called Pizza Theater.

According to pantagraph.com,

"Domino's adds Pizza Theater to new Normal, Illinois location."

Basically, the pizza chain is trying to improve the dine-in experience. Nowadays, most people order their food for pick-up or delivery. They're looking for a way to entice customers to try eating at the actual restaurant instead.

The big question is, how do you accomplish that? That's where "Pizza Theater" comes in to play.

"Pizza theater" is a new type of Domino's store that lets customers see their food as it's made, including a close-up view of employees tossing dough, adding sauce and putting ingredients onto pizzas. The front counter has large windows wrapping around the kitchen toward the rear of the restaurant.

I believe this idea would work well with children. It's difficult to keep them interested while waiting for a meal. This is better than having their face in a device the whole time. The kids might even enjoy watching the pizza makers.

Would you check out "Pizza Theater" if it came to Rockford?

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