Pink Floyd's drummer crashed his $3.7 million dollar race car.

According to, "Former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason wrecked his McLaren F1 GTR racecar over the weekend when he took the vehicle out for drive and video of the accident has been posted online. Mason visited the Goodwood Circuit on Sunday (March 19), for a spin in his expensive car and soon hit a wall. Mason wasn't hurt during the crash. In fact, he quickly got out of the car and was seen walking around following the incident. The drummer's car is estimated at $3.7 million. Prior to his drive, Mason told reporters that while he doesn't drive the McLaren F1 GTR race car often, he does think it is a 'wonderful road car."

Video: Pink Floyd Drummer Nick Mason Crashes his £3m McLaren at Goodwood…and Escapes Unhurt

I was thinking if Nick Mason likes racing so much and he crashes. Maybe we should invite him out to Rockford Speedway to compete.

There are plenty of events out there that he could be involved with this summer. Especially, where he can race and crash.

Original Trailer Race of Destruction on June 10th

Video: Rockford Speedway - Trailer Race of Destruction

World Famous Figure 8 Trailer Race on August 5th

Video: Figure 8 Trailer Races Rockford Speedway

Beatin N Bangin Boat Race on August 26th

Video: Beaten N Bangin Boat Race in Rockford Speedway

I think Nick would have a good time at any race at Rockford Speedway. It wouldn't matter if he was participating or just watching.

If he ever came out, maybe he could stick around after to play a show at the Coronado.

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