This historic bridge in Long Grove has been the target of destruction by several Illinois truck drivers over the past few years.

Are Illinois Drivers That Bad?

The answer is yes. I believe many drivers in Illinois need a refresher course on the basic rules of the road. Followed by written and driving tests, which they are required to pass. It seems pretty simple. The bridge is eight feet and six inches tall. If your truck is bigger than those restrictions then don't go over it. Unfortunately, there have been many a trucker that apparently didn't know what that sign meant cause they did it anyway.

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Another Truck Crashes Into Illinois Bridge

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Most Recent Accident Truck Versus Bridge In Long Grove, Illinois

If you're not familiar, Long Grove is a cute little location in Illinois with a bunch of boutique shops and restaurants. It's a nice day trip getaway for couples and families. One of the ways in and out of the town is a historic covered bridge. The famous crossing is 116 years old. Unfortunately, not all vehicles can use it because the height is only eight feet and six inches tall. There have been several accidents through the years involving trucks that are too big.

On Sunday evening, an Amazon truck that was nine feet tall crashed into the bridge and got stuck. That was the 45th time that the same exact type of accident has happened since August 2020. As Usual, a tow vehicle was called to pull out the stuck truck.

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Is The Long Grove Bridge Safe?

Yes, the Long Grove Bridge is safe. Back in 2020, there was major damage done by a truck crash. It had to be closed for several months. During the reconstruction, they rebuilt the bridge with steel. Now, it's like a football helmet. The bridge is ready to take on all oversize vehicles like a linebacker.

Closed Bridge in South Beloit, IL

Here are some fantastic pictures of a bridge that closed in 1995 in S. Beloit, IL. Located on Wheeler Ave., this bridge goes over Turtle Creek yards away from the Illinois/Wisconsin border. @DecayingMidwest

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