Illinois driver crashes into a gas pump and causes a major leak.

I'm not sure how it exactly happens. Drivers running into stationary objects. They don't jump in the way. They must not pay attention to whats going on. Then they take off. I guess they don't understand there are cameras everywhere now and they're going to get busted. Here's another example.

According to,

"Surveillance video captured a messy incident at a gas station in Lincolnwood. The driver of a red pickup truck can be seen backing up and hitting a gas pump. The gas then starts gushing from the base. The driver can be seen opening his door and then driving off. Firefighters were called to contain the leak. Gas poured into the sewer, so environmental experts were called to help. About 100 to 200 gallons of gas leaked out. The crew used sand to help dry up the spill. Sections of nearby roads were closed during the cleanup."

Video footage of the incident:

The owner of this truck is definitely going to be getting a big bill to pay off.

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