If you're looking for that perfect picture to post on Instagram, Illinois has five highly rated locations in the United States.

5 Popular Photo Locations In Illinois That Are Perfect For Instagram Posts

I remember when I was growing up, our family vacations were all about the experience. We would see something new and even learn along the way. Those are lifetime memories because they live in my mind.

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Nowadays, it seems much different. For many people, it's not about that experience anymore. Instead, the goal is to take that perfect picture to post on Instagram and social media. Nobody lives in the moment anymore. I think that's sad.

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Of course, if you're looking for that ideal backdrop for your selfie to post on Social Media to try and make your friends jealous. There are plenty of places across the United States, even in Illinois.

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In fact, some of the most popular places in the entire United States for Instagram selfies are located right here in Illinois. This list was determined by hashtags used on the posts. Believe it or not, they actually mean something and aren't just there for good looks.

Here are the 5 most Instagtam-friendly landmarks in Illinois...

  • Wrigley Field - 557,523 hashtags (most popular place in Illinois).
  • Chicago Botanic Garden – 114,455 hashtags (on botanical gardens list).
  • Morton Arboretum – 75,398 hashtags (also on botanical gardens list).
  • Starved Rock State Park – 156,740 hashtags (on state park list).
  • Soldier Field – 234,762 hashtags (on stadium list).
  • Bonus from Wisconsin's only entry: Lambeau Field - 202,874 hashtags (also on stadium list).

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