BB Guns were used by a couple of teenagers for robberies in Chicago.

Crime doesn't pay. It's definitely not worth it. With all the technology out there today, the police are going to catch out.

Some teens in Chicago thought they could spend their summer robbing from businesses. It didn't work out as they planned.

According to,

"Two teenagers are facing federal charges in a string of heists. They allegedly used a BB gun to rob three Subway restaurants and a minimart. They were arrested by Chicago police minutes after allegedly robbing a Subway."

"They had both entered the Subway, and approached the counter, raised their shirts to show a gun and said, “Give me the money, Come on man you don’t want to get shot.” 

A very scary situation for the workers. Luckily, no one got hurt.

Next time, they might want to stick with legal summer activities. I think they will have enough time to think about it behind bars.

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