If you are looking for a seasonal job, the Illinois Tollway is looking to hire several positions.

When I was getting ready to come home for the summer from college, it was all about finding a seasonal job. I realized that it wasn't going to be the best job ever, but I hoped to get something interesting that made some decent money.

I had some different types of gigs. I worked as a stock boy, in a lamination factory, for a record distributor, landscaping, and camp counselor to name a few. It was a nice variety.

This would have been an opportunity I would have tried. The Illinois Tollway is hiring seasonal toll collectors.

I had a coach in junior tackle football that worked for the tollway and he loved it.

Think about it. It's working kind of outside and interacting with people. Plus, plenty of people have I-PASS nowadays. It could be much worse.

If you want to check it out, go HERE for all the information.

The main requirement would be able to make the change.

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