Mobile Barriers are being used by the Illinois Tollway to help protect construction workers.

I'm sure you've driven through a construction zone on the highway. Have you ever noticed how close the workers are to the cars passing by? If I did that job, I don't think I would get anything done. I would be worried about the vehicles the whole time.

Of course, they do everything possible to keep those construction workers safe. Like anything else, advancement in technology makes the situation a lot better. In this case, much safer.

According to,

"Creating a safe roadway environment for our workers, drivers and passengers is part of the Illinois Tollway’s core mission. We’re always looking for ways to implement the newest safety technology, and we welcome the opportunity to share our success and lessons learned with partners."

"The Mobile Barriers MBT1 serves as one of the tools in the Tollway’s toolbox we use in work zones to maintain a steady flow of traffic while making sure roadway workers are safe. The barrier creates protection along the side of a work zone, with less disruption compared with other traffic control measures like traditional temporary concrete barrier walls."

Here's how it works...

Video: Mobile Barriers Slideshow

Video: MOBILE BARRIERS MBT-1 Full Crash Test

I'm all good with anything to help protect the road workers better.



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