When it comes to great outdoor concerts in Wisconsin, this unlikely venue is one of the best.

Taking Advantage Of The Summer Weather

I think one thing that all the people who live in places like Illinois and Wisconsin have in common is they understand the weather. They don't let it stop them from having fun.

Midwesterners adjust their free-time hobbies to whatever season they are currently experiencing. That means taking advantage of outside activities during the summer months which includes attending concerts at outdoor venues.

Outdoor Concert Venue Options In The Midwest

There are plenty of options to check out outdoor shows in Illinois and Wisconsin. Of course, many fans like to hit festivals. The event itself is cool but they are usually set up in an empty field or parking lot. Nothing too special about that.

You can also see live music at "sheds" like Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wisconsin, or at a stadium like Wrigley Field in Chicago. Those venues definitely up the "interesting" factor.

Unique Outdoor Concert Venue In Wisconsin

I'm a huge fan of concerts. It's basically my hobby. I like to search out unique concert venues to get a new type of experience watching live music. Luckily, in Wisconsin and Illinois, we've got many of them. You have to check out my latest find.

I've never seen something like this before. From afar, it looks like the circus under a big tent but it's really one of the coolest outdoor music venues in Wisconsin. It's called "Big Top Chautauqua" in Bayfield.

According to bigtop.org,

"​Celebrating 36 years of “Culture Under Canvas,” Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua is a non-profit arts organization with a mission to provide entertaining and educational activities with an emphasis on performances that celebrate history and the environment."


Big Top presents over 60 concerts, shows, and events June through September in an intimate 900 seat all-"canvas" tent, including international headliners, regional talent, and original productions.


Our unique summer venue is located at the base of Mt. Ashwabay just outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

For more info, HERE.

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