In Wisconsin, a new family activity center has opened and it is one of a kind.

Looking For Fun Family Activities

I remember when my daughter was young, we were always looking for fun activities that we could do as a family and keep her busy. It was the best way to avoid the whole, "I'm Bored" routine. We did not have tons of extra cash to do things like amusement parks all the time. We were looking for more affordable places to take her. Something outside usually did the trick. Plus, the fresh air seemed to tire her out.

New Family Activity Center Opens In Wisconsin

I really wish there was something like this place around back in those days. It is a short drive from Rockford. It is not a lot of money. Plus, so many activities to do there and it is outside.

According to, 

"On 15 fenced-in acres at his Nature’s Touch Garden Center on Janesville’s far west side, Elrod and his staff have built an outdoor entertainment center geared toward young kids, adolescents, teens, and adults alike."


"Elrod said he has been working alongside 10 others for about two years to transform some of the land at his garden and landscaping services center at 5013 Highway 11 into an outdoor family activity center."


“It’s like the old-style, outdoor McDonald’s Play Land from the ’80s, only it’s way bigger and everything is adult-proof,” Elrod said.“

Details About Nature’s Touch Garden & Activity Center

  • Now open through November (will reopen in the spring).
  • Located at Nature’s Touch Garden Center at 5013 Highway 11 in Janesville.
  • $5 per person
  • 15 acres that are fenced in.
  • Fun for all ages and the whole family.
  • Pedal karts on a cinder track.
  • Huge in-ground bounce pillow.
  • Person-sized chess pieces with a giant chessboard.
  • Adult proof equipment so they can join in on the fun.
  • Wooden obstacle courses.
  • Giant games.
  • 4-foot by 8-foot beanbag boards.
  • Massive sandbox.
  • Giant pinewood derby-style wooden ramp to race matchbox cars.
  • Circling the property is a mini track for a train with multi-colored cars.
  • A kid's favorite, ATV pulled train.
  • $80,000 worth of lumber was used to build it.
  • Plenty of trees for shade.
  • Lots of grassy lands.
  • Handmade hill.

More attractions to be added down the road include a tractor-led train, petting zoo, greenhouses for indoor activities, educational programs, hands-on displays, a vertical playground, and a place to pan for gold.

Sounds like a really fun place. Definitely something worth checking out. For more info, HERE.

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