When it's time to celebrate Oktoberfest, one of the best parties in the United States is held in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Is The Perfect U.S. Home For Oktoberfest

The original Oktoberfest is held in Germany every year. When it comes to a United States version of the iconic celebration, I think Wisconsin is the perfect home for it. Plus, LaCrosse is a fitting city to host the event. They really know how to party and are up for the challenge.

According to uproxx.com,

The longest-running Oktoberfest celebration in the Midwest, this event has been held in La Crosse, Wisconsin since 1961.


Featuring local, national, and global beer offerings including New Glarus, Surly, Founders, Spaten, and countless more, all the traditional German food you can imagine, and contests like stein races, barrel roll, grain toss, stein holding, and of course the tapping of the Samuel Adams Golden Keg, this is a can’t-miss event.

Details About Oktoberfest In LaCrosse, Wisconsin

According to explorelacrosse.com, 

Oktoberfest in LaCrosse is this week, September 29th through October 1st. The party offers many fun activities like celebrating the German culture with traditions, food, beverages, clothes, parades, music, entertainment, carnival, and events. They host a craft beer night too.

General admission and V.I.P. tickets are available now, HERE. I've heard about this legendary party for years. Plus, LaCrosse is a fun town. It would make for a great weekend trip.

Every year, residents of LaCrosse nominate their friends and family to be part of the Royal Family which is a huge honor at Oktoberfest.

For more info about Oktoberfest in LaCrosse, HERE.

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