The TSA at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago has accumulated almost $50,000 in loose change left behind by passengers going through security screening.

I know it's for our safety but the whole process of going through security at the airport is not fun. You have to empty everything from your pockets. Take off your belt, shoes, and jacket. Plus, all the other procedures.

Then you have to collect all your personal items to make sure none are left behind. I'm almost certain that many things are lost through the process.

This might surprise you.

According to,

"Forgetful travelers are giving the Transportation Security Administration a nice financial boost. Airport screeners collected $960,105.49 in unclaimed money from the nation's airports. The John F. Kennedy International airport collected the most loose change last year at $72,392.74. Chicago's O'Hare International Airport came in fourth at $49,597.23."

"However, anything they can't return gets deposited into a special fund account and directed to critical aviation security programs. Funds are used to pay for checkpoint maintenance, translation, and checkpoint signage into different foreign languages, PreCheck, and Adjudication Center system enhancements."

That lost change adds up quickly. A lot more than I find in my couch.


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