The University of Miami might have won the game against Notre Dame, but the Fighting Irish fans won the war as a fight broke out in the concession area.

I've been to many sporting events in my life. Many involving big rivalries. Matchups like Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers, Rockford IceHogs vs Chicago Wolves, and Chicago Cubs vs St, Louis Cardinals.

It can get pretty nasty between fans. I've witnessed several fights between rivals. It never has a good outcome. Somebody is going to get hurt and the other ends up in jail.

In the 80's, the Golden Domers had a huge rivalry with the Miami Hurricanes. It was nicknamed "Catholics vs Convicts." It was such a big deal, ESPN did an episode of "30 For 30" about it.

Notre Dame has a huge fanbase in this area. They have a lot of pride for their favorite team. Sometimes that means living up to their team's name, "The Fighting Irish." I know plenty of Notre Dame fans and they are diehard. If you rip on their team, it could be considered fighting words.

I'm not a fan of the Fighting Irish and my hate from ND has gotten me in trouble a couple of times. Luckily, it never came to blows.

Apparently, something was said to some Notre Dame fans this weekend in Miami, because a fight started in the concession area.

According to,

"Miami Crushed Notre Dame On The Field But Some Of Their Fans Got Their Asses Whooped By The Concession Stands."

Of course in this day and age of Social Media and Smart Phones, there is video available. Check it out for yourself.

Let's use this incident as a learning experience for the kids...

Don't act like a jackass. It's just a game.

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