There apparently is a new beer on the market, and a Northern Illinois brewery passed on the chance to be the place that makes it. DailyDot

***This article is about a beer that is making a political statement about other beers produced in this country. In NO WAY does any of this (in either direction) reflect views of this station, this is simple sharing a story about a beer and its potential ties to a Northern Illinois brewery. Believe what you believe, drink what you want to drink. God Bless America. 

Conservative Dad's Ultra Right 100% Woke Free American Beer...That's the full name of this product that apparently has taken off with all the news headlines lately about beer. According to their website, UltraRightBeer you're looking at $19.99 for a six-pack of this beer, with about 8-10 bucks shipping. Wait, isn't shipping beer to Illinois illegal?

Originally the plan was to have this "Woke Free" beer brewed close to home. Bent River Brewing in Rock Island, Illinois was supposed to be the brewing home for this Lager...But they said no.

Word is, that this new brew is officially made in Lawerenceville, Georgia. Newsweek

This is the hometown of the creator of this beer, Seth Weathers.

So this beer was offered to a Northern Illinois brewery, but they moved production to Georgia after the folks at Bent River Brewery in Rock Falls, Illinois politely declined.

To each their own, just be nice to people....all people, thanks.

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