What's all the "buzz" in Illinois, apparently it's beekeeping, I had NO idea. LawnLove

When it comes to where people do beekeeping, I always had it in my head that the west coast was the main spot. Now, California is #1 on this list, but there some other locations including Illinois that make this list.

So here's the list of the best "Beekeeping States"

1. California - Overall score: 55.61, Output ranking 2, Earning Potential 14, Distribution 1, Support Rank 1.

2. New York

3. North Dakota

4. Texas

5. Ohio

6. Pennsylvania

7. Florida

8. North Carolina

9. Virginia

10. Illinois - Overall Score - 30.31, Output ranking 25, Earning Potential 1, Distribution 12, Support Rank 24

There are 15 different metrics for this info, including these main categories that are looking at:

  • Honey production
  • Colony loss
  • Apiculture classes

The money is a big deal in the state of Illinois.

 Beekeepers have the biggest opportunity to pollinate their savings accounts in Illinois. New York (No. 2) pays the highest average annual beekeeping salary, followed by Illinois. - LawnLove

While our first instinct might be to swat at a bee, or spray something into the air to get rid of them. The role that they play in society, nature, in our food and health is very important.

Honeybees are extremely imports for so many reasons. Without pollinators the nation would lose, get this...ALMOST A THIRD of our food supply. That's unreal.

Here are some more amazing stats about beekeeping across the country, and how Illinois keeps it's "buzz."

Photo - LawnLove
Photo - LawnLove

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