I learned this morning that I am the meanest dad, ever.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

My kids never have any fun and I am super mean. The crazy amount of work, and all the responsibilities I give them is just insane. I don't know how my kids survive.

This morning before school, I gave my youngest son Gavin the extremely difficult task of filling the bird feeders outside. I sure hope DCFS isn't reading and watching this. I mean really, what was I thinking?

First off, a job BEFORE school. Secondly the horrible weather. There was a good chance Gavin could have got lost in all the fog, and don't even get me started about his hair getting wet.

All of this demanding work plus a full day of school? How on earth would he squeeze in Pokemon Go! time? I can't believe I'm so mean.

I guess coming clean and sharing all this is the best thing to do. I do feel a little better about things, and the now the moment of truth. Please watch this awful display of parenting. I'm so ashamed.



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