This past week in Centerville, Il several nurses chipped in to pay the bond of a father arrested for speeding while rushing his choking daughter to the hospital.

Darius Hinkle reacted the way most parents would if they saw their child choking. Get them help as soon as possible.

Hinkle must not have known the Heimlich maneuver or just panicked (which is totally valid giving the sercumstance), so he got in his car and floored it to the hospital.

When Hinkle, who doesn't have a valid driver's license, was clocked by police he was going over 100mph.

By the time he stopped at the hospital, there were serval officers from different branches behind him.

Donecia Pittman, the child's mother, said she tried explaining the reasons for the high speed.

I got out and I put my hands up, and I yelled and told the police, 'My baby is choking.' And I told them multiple times that she was choking,"

Hinkle was arrested and taken off to jail. As Pittman arrived at the jail she saw a woman she didn't know there all ready to bail Hinkle out.

The woman was one of the nurses from the hospital. Pittman learned a group of nurses after learning what happened pooled their money for bond.

With a smile Hinkle said:

"I just, I mean... I can't thank them enough,

The couple is very thankful for the nurses' kindness both in saving their daughter and bonding out Hinkle.


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