The ER is not a place most want to spend their time, but this Sunday night I had to take my oldest to the emergency room at MercyHealth hospital on Rockton Rd.

The night before she and her sister were playing around and ended up bumping their heads together. A short time later, she ran into the boards on the bottom bunk of their beds. At the time everything seemed fine and my girls went to bed.

Early Sunday evening, she started to show, thanks to a Google search, what were concussion-like symptoms. After calling and speaking with the on-call pediatrician, we headed to the ER.

We arrived close to 8:30 pm and you tell be the look on the staff's face at check-in, they were having an eventful Sunday night. This did not stop them from greeting the two of us with a smile and being very courteous.

Once we were called back to our room we were greeted by a very friendly nurse, whose name was Jennifer. I think she knew we were gonna be awhile and we don't have cable so she helped my daughter find kid-friendly cartoons.

Our doctor for the night was Dr. Nelly. She came in, talked to Lily and me about what was going on, told us she would need a CT scan as a precautionary, and that Lily would have to be on a week of "brain rest".

Telling a seven-year-old that they're not able to run around and play, like the tiny balls of crazy energy they are, is not what they want to hear. But Dr. Nelly was awesome! She found out Lily is really into the Captain Underpants book series and suggested some different books by the same author that her son is into.

We've now been there for a couple hours and both of us were starting to get what I call the sleepy sillies! And hearing all the commotion going on outside our room, I felt terrible for the hospital staff. No one should spend their night at work being yelled at like that!

When you have to wait for several hours in the ER, you take silly selfies!
When you have to wait for several hours in the ER, you take silly selfies!

Finally time for the CT scan, Jerry came into our room to take us to the machine. He could tell she was nervous about it. So he told her that he was gonna take her picture in a giant donut that didn't have any sprinkles. An instant icebreaker.

The two of them then joked around the whole time and made the CT scan go by smoothly.

Our results came back and everything was fine!! But some fluid was detected in her one middle ear, so she was going to be treated for an ear infection too.

Finally, it was time for us to check out and we were greeted by another friendly face. Her name escapes me but because of a shift change that was the only time we saw her. At last, at close to one in the morning, we were on our way home.

After a couple days of rest, my daughter is feeling much better.

I guess the point of this whole post is a way for me to say THANK YOU to the entire Emergency Room Staff at MercyHealth Hospital on Sunday night!!!

You have a job that I wouldn't want to have to deal with on a daily basis. But you do and you do it with a smile. The amount of craziness you experience while on the clock is something I have to tip my hat to.

Even with all of that going on around you, you still made a seven-year-old kid who was scared and didn't want to be there feel safe. She never had a clue about any of it going on on the other side of the curtain.

So again my sincerest THANK YOU!!!!!! You truly are heroes!!

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