Doctors shares the dos and don'ts of bath time.

Few kids love baths and it seems to be a daily struggle for some parents. Do kids really need a bath every day?

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According to doctors interviewed by Yahoo, the answers vary depending on age.

Babies and Toddlers:

Babies don't need baths daily. Not until they are crawling around in sandboxes or eating solid foods or getting dirty enough to merit a full body wash.

If the diaper area is kept squeaky clean, the folds under the armpits and the folds under the armpits and groin area are cleaned regularly with a wet washcloth, they are good to go.

If you bathe them more frequently than three times per week, their skin can dry out and cause eczema.

Kids Ages 6-11:

Surprisingly, kids in this age group only need a bath about once or twice a week. This is true even if they are active, get muddy or go swimming. Most kids spend time indoors and can skip a daily bath.

Kids immune systems are still maturing, and they benefit from being around viruses, bacteria and dirt.


Ah, puberty. Tweens and teens are recommended to take daily baths and showers, plus washing their face twice a day to remove dirt and oil.



The answer may surprise you:

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