We asked listeners if they could impart some wise advice to the Class of '22. The hook, they had to do it using only three words or less. The response was huge.

No disrespect to anyone who has ever delivered a commencement speech but your words may not have continued to resonate with graduates by the end of the summer.

If we're being honest, you may have looked out into the crowd and seen quite of bit of texting, selfie-taking, or even snoozing.

Why Commencement Speeches are So Forgettable

Again, no disrespect, but often these commencement addresses are filled with clichés or anecdotes that have a short shelf-life. Honestly, it's our memories that have a short shelf-life and our attention span is horrible. I don't even remember who delivered my commencement speech, do you?

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This is exactly why we asked our listeners and Facebook followers if they could give some useful advice for graduates, but do it without a long speech.

I must say, that this little experiment went incredibly well. In the photos that follow, you're going to see how helpful people can be when they keep it short.

Congratulations Class of 2022

Lead with Love.

That's some advice I was given many years ago; in all things make sure your first move or words you speak, come from a loving place.

Grad Advice In 3 Words

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