Rockford has some words of wisdom for Danville because they are getting their first roundabout.

What's the most controversial intersection in Rockford?

It's at Auburn and North Main. The home to a two-lane roundabout.

Even though many residents didn't want it, the city insisted that it would help the flow of traffic.

I don't think it's worked out quite as planned since the area has earned the nickname "wreck it" roundabout.

According to, Danville is getting its first roundabout.

I thought it would only be fair to try and help our fellow Illinois city because this is their first and we have experience.

Roundabout advice to Danville from Rockford.

  • Don't do it - if there is any way to get out of it, I suggest pulling the plug now.
  • Roundabout classes - everyone is town should be required to take a class on how to navigate a roundabout.
  • Take turns - allow only one car at a time to travel through it.
  • Detours - set up detour routes to avoid using the intersection.
  • Experts - have expert roundabout drivers available for hire to do the dirty work for you with pickup and drop off areas a few blocks from the questionable area.

I really hope these things will help Danville deal with this new way of life.

Do you have any advice for them?


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