As the NFL season kicks off, we all sit and wonder how our teams will do.

For Bears fans, will Justin Fields be THE answer. For Packer fans, will the off season "reality show" with Aaron Rodgers mean anything? There are a lot of legit questions and concerns for both teams, and I'll drink to that...and apparently so will you.

A new list was just released VINEPAIR of the NFL's "Drunkest Fans." This is some quality reading for sure. This is how they determine our favorite football team's alcoholism...The number of drinks consumed per fan at a game and at what cost.

NFC Championship: New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
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Let's start with the "winners" the Cincinnati Bengals. On average, a fan at a Bengals game consumes 5.2 drinks! That's the freakin' average?? Impressive, congrats.


O.K. what about Chicago Bears fans? Now, personally I'll have maybe 2 at a game...I have a car and home payment to make, so anymore would require a loan at Soldier Field.  Chicago Bears fans come in at NUMBER FOUR on the NFL's Drunkest Fans List, consuming 4.5 drinks per game...which is about $60 a game just for beers. See, loan needed.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Green Bay Packers fans come in at NUMBER FIFTEEN on the list at 3.7 drinks per game. This is actually a surprise to me, I would assume that the "Packer Backers" would be a little more drink heavy.


Here is the top ten, of drunkest NFL Fans:

    1. Cincinnati Bengals (average drinks: 5.2)
    2. Baltimore Ravens (average drinks: 4.7)
    3. Buffalo Bills (average drinks: 4.5)
    4. Chicago Bears (average drinks: 4.5)
    5. Carolina Panthers (average drinks: 4.4)
    6. Denver Broncos (average drinks: 4.4)
    7. Los Angeles Chargers (average drinks: 4.4)
    8. Cleveland Browns (average drinks: 4.3)
    9. Los Angeles Rams (average drinks: 4.3)
    10. Detroit Lions (average drinks: 4.1)

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