If you've ever considered this for a seasonal gig, this is your time to apply.

I don't want to be that person, but I'm going to be. Before we know it, it's going to look like this outside.

Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash

Now, maybe that made you really excited. You could be that person who LOVES snow and everything that is a Midwest winter. Honestly, I'm jealous of that attitude. As someone with a long commute, winter can be pretty brutal.

But the snowplow drivers are always up early with me making sure the roadways are cleared and safe for driving.



This winter season you could be one of those snowplow drivers or ice removal employees.

Photo by James Lewis on Unsplash

The Illinois Department of Transportation is looking for people to apply for seasonal positions through its annual “snowbird” program. WIFR details -

Snowbirds are required to promptly respond to emerging weather situations for snow-and-ice removal and stay on alert to work in emergency conditions at any time, including nights, weekends and holidays. Applicants must have a commercial driver’s license and submit to a criminal background check. A pre-employment physical is required. Veterans are encouraged to apply.

Sound like a gig you'd enjoy? Employees will be selected based on availability, experience, and qualifications. For more details on the application process, pay and benefits, you can head here. Job postings will be made the week of August 23.


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