This video was sent to me last week of a strange situation involving a fish, a pickup truck, and a trailer hitch.

As you can see by the photo, there appears to be a fish on the back of this truck, with it's mouth around the trailer hitch. There are so many questions here. This seems extremely fishy to say the least.

Let's take a look at the video first off, play it until the very end and check out the reaction:

O.K. now back to the many questions.

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First off, what kind of fish is this? I don't fish, I don't eat fish. So let's begin right here, what is that.

Secondly, how did that fish get there? Is there a new trend of catch it and stick it on your trailer hitch? Kinda like putting the fish on the wall like a trophy, show it off to everyone. Now this has an even bigger approach, stick it on your truck and show everyone. I guess it's better than the fake testicles hanging on the back of a truck.

Thirdly, how does this fish stay alive and keep flappin'? Is there some sort of food of substance that keeps it going? It sure is going crazy!

Fly Fishing

Some will say, "this seems so Rockford." Well, you might be right. It is unique and pretty funny. It takes all kinds, and I think it's great. Wait, is this dude waiting to take it home, clean it and eat it?

fried fish fillet
Getty Images/iStockphoto

(Editors note) I know it's not real, people will attack me on our Facebook page for thinking it's a real fish. Thank you for entertaining me.

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