New laws for 2020, there are some good one...there are some "oh duh" ones, and there are some "what in the hell..."

O.K. first off before we get into the walrus thing, there's the whole lemonade stand thing. They are legal in 2022...But wait, haven't these always been legal? Apparently not completely. You see, Public Health Departments in the state of Illinois have have the right to find lemonade stands run by kids under 16 and SHUT THEM DOWN. Now if you ask me that's some total bull...But that has always been a thing in Illinois. Someone in the Illinois Public Health Department, could swoop in and shut it down. That's some serious crap for those young business people, but no more!

As of 2022 the Department of Public Health or any other health related organization can regulate the sale on lemonade by a person under the age of 16. You want to sell lemonade kid, do it in 2022. Yassss!

So this is grand, but check out some of these others:


  • ***Public High Schools will be required to teach "how to access and evaluate" news sources online. I call this the "fake news" law. Here's how to look through social media and determine what's real.
  • ***Student Athletes at public or private high schools in Illinois CAN alter their uniforms "for purposes of modesty, in accordance with their religion, cultural values or modesty preferences."  So an "I Heart Jesus" can go on your football helmet, or something.

Now let's get tot the walrus parts...or other animal parts, I guess...

***It is ILLEGAL to import body parts of endangered or exotic species to Illinois.  This list of what animals "body parts" you can't import to Illinois is pretty crazy. They include: cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, great apes, hippopotami, jaguars, leopards, lions, monk seals, rays or sharks, rhinos, sea turtles, tigers, walruses, whales. 

Happy New Year!

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