The original "Jake from State Farm" commercial is hilarious. One of the funniest ever and totally something that has resonated with TV viewers for over a decade.

If you can believe it, the original came out in 2011 and is still funny to this day.

Did you know though, the original "Jake from State Farm" is actually named Jake and really used to work for State Farm in Illinois?

Nicki Swift:

Jake Stone, an actual State Farm Insurance agent, played "Jake from State Farm" in the 2011 commercial, per Medium. To nab the role, Stone, who was just 26 at the time, responded to a casting call for employees.

So why is Jake Stone no longer the "Jake from State Farm" guy?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Jake Stone quit working at State Farm in 2014.
  2. When they brought "Jake from State Farm" back in 2020, marketing execs believed the newly expanded role would be "best filled by a professional actor" according to Muse.

Obviously, you don't want a guy with no acting background who quit the insurance business to be the spokesperson.

Then there's the best explanation. The new "Jake from State Farm," Kevin Miles, is better suited for the role due to the increased visibility of the character in different commercials featuring famed athletes including a movie star and a hip hop heavyweight.

That said, it's always difficult to top the original, and Jake Stone, AKA, "Jake From State Farm" will always be the GOAT "Jake From State Farm."

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