Like any town, city, county, there are smells that you can associate with areas. Going into downtown Chicago for sure has it's own smells. Exhaust, garbage, and the occasional Italian Beef.

What about the state and city that we live in. What smells around here, let us know we are in Illinois or in Rockford? It's easy to thing of all the "farm roads" around here and say, well there is that whole cow poop thing...which is true, but there's got to be more.

Rural, farm, that "fresh outdoor smell" can't escape you...but are any of those "Illinois" or "Rockford?"

Here are my Top Five Illinois Smells:

  • Farm/Country Road
  • Legal Weed
  • City/Exhaust
  • Micro Breweries
  • Illegal Weed

Those are pretty legit, I mean can smell weed everywhere, even down the hall here at work.

Here are some "Smells of Rockford" let me know what you think!

Mrs Fisher's Potato Chips - Simply delicious smelling


Mondelez International Company - Gum plant, sweet


Anderson Japanese Gardens - The flowers, the nature


The Coronado Theatre - That "vintage" theatre smell is something special

Coronado PAC
Coronado PAC

The YMCA Pools - Chlorine and summer at its finest


According to Rankers these are the Five Most Popular Smells:


  • Cookies from the oven
  • Freshly baked bread
  • After it rains
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Vanilla

Not too shabby, the cookies in the oven thing gets me every time. On a side note, I've heard people say the whole "after the rain" thing is a "it smells like worms." Weird huh?

Take a giant smell of Rockford, whatcha think???

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