The satisfaction of popping all of the air bubbles in Bubble Wrap will become a thing of the past.

Imaging Mike here at The Eagle is losing his mind over this. Bubble Wrap is one of the most important things he owns, because he sells lots of stuff on eBay.

bubble wrap

According to ABC7, a new revamped version of Bubble Wrap will soon be on it's way. A 'pop free' Bubble Wrap that is.

Bubble Wrap first came to the market in 1960. Men, women and children of all ages became obsessed with popping all of the sealed air.

As a kid, I would lay the sheets out on the floor and stomp on them driving my grandmother crazy. POP! POP! POP POP POP! It was so much fun.

Did you know there are actually Guinness World Records for the most people popping Bubble Wrap at the same time!? Looks like that record will never be broken again with the new pop-less Bubble Wrap.

I for one, I'll be crying under my desk in silence while morning the death of popping Bubble Wrap.

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