Have you ever wondered how stoned you were after smoking weed? Now, you can find out with a new app available to download on your phone.

I'm asking for a friend...

Is there a way to determine if you're too high after smoking marijuana? That way, you can avoid using heavy machinery while under the influence.

According to money.cnn.com, there is. It's called Canary and it's available now on your app store for $4.99.

"First-of-its-kind app to quickly measure how impaired you are from the effects of marijuana. Not meant to replace the THC blood test used by law enforcement. Specifically for recreational or medicinal marijuana users who want to be responsible. You can take the test before you get into a car."

How does it work?

After you download the app, it will ask you to do a few quick tests while sober. Then, they have something to base it on. It will measure memory, balance, reaction time, and time perception.

The app will store those measurements so it can compare the sober results to the intoxicated ones. The difference between will determine how impaired you are.

This sounds like a great app.

It has already been downloaded 10,000 times.

Please pass the info along to any friends that enjoy smoking pot.


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