What a way to start 2017, welcome Addyson Kelley Jeanne Barham.

Photo - Chuck Barham
Photo - Chuck Barham

A few weeks back my best friend Chuck sent me a text on a Tuesday night, "can I call you tonight". Normally this wouldn't seem too odd, but knowing that his wife was pregnant and there were a few difficulties with the birth of their first child I started to get worried.

I stopped what I was doing at the gym, grabbed my belongings and jumped in my car to call Chuck. All of my worries and fears came to a stop when he asked me to be the Godfather to his soon to be born daughter. What an incredible honor.

Fast forward to New Years Eve, I received the text "tomorrow it's go time". Oh wow, Addyson is going to be a "New Years Baby". Let the media craziness begin.

Chicago T.V. stations and newspapers made their way to the hospital room to meet the 2017 "New Years Baby" in the Chicago area, by the way MY Goddaughter.

According to Chicago Tribune here are the details about Addyson Kelley Jeanne Barham.

  • Born at 12:12 p.m. at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, the first baby born there this year.
  • Addyson - The street bordering Wrigley Field and also the name of Cubs shortstop Addison Russell, with an original, and adorable spelling change.
  • She was a little early, but doing great. 4 pounds, 15 ounces.

Mom, baby, dad, everyone is doing good. I am honored, proud, and already have a bone to pick with my Goddaughter. I always wanted to do something to be recognized in the Chicago Tribune, she beat me to it! Can't wait to meet you Addyson.


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