October 15th is "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day." If you or someone you know had a baby pass away during pregnancy or as an infant, tonight you are encouraged to light a candle in honor and remembrance.  LIGHTSOFLOVE

Back on July 11th I lost my nephew, Barrett. Barrett Zachary Bone, fought as hard as humanly possible. The amount of love and support for him from the moment of arrival was incredible. Watching my dear family members, Tyler and Katy, remain so strong and positive during the whole experience was unreal. Deep down the hurt and grief consumed them, but they kept their chins up.

Back on June 28th I made the drive down to Missouri with the hopes of meeting Barrett for the first time, and hopefully not the last. I spent time at the St. Louis Children's Hospital, waiting for the o.k. to go to his room to see him. That moment never came.

I left the hospital and headed to my sister's house to visit her and Tyler and Katy's daughter, Penelope. The selfishness and self centered me, grumbled all the way there. I can't believe I didn't get to see Barrett, not even for 30 seconds.

I spoke with my best friend about the situation and what I was going to go do. This friend truly is the best at being real and keeping me grounded during any and all situations. The selfish me was instantly taken to task, and I was informed that going to my sisters and spending the day with Penelope was why I was down there. That was the absolute truth, we had a fantastic day together.

Love you, Barrett.

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