The very first listening room in Illinois has music fans excited.

What Is A Listening Room?

You might be thinking to yourself, I guess that is good news. By the way, what is a listening room? That is a great question because not only are they new to Illinois but in fact, the whole United States too.

According to,

"Listening rooms — small bars with state-of-the-art stereo equipment — were invented in Japan and are making their way stateside."

The Reason For Listening Rooms

I started putting together my first personal listening room back when I was in middle school. I just started getting into music. I would purchase vinyl from my favorite bands. Then, I needed my own place to jam some tunes.


I saved up all my paper route, birthday, and Christmas money to buy my dream stereo. I set it up in my parent's basement. There was a couch to chill out on and I was set to go. My own private listening room.


Most music fans have their own private listening room in their home but it is not always ideal to host a listening party with several guests. Plus, sometimes you just want to get out of the house and socialize. Bars are not usually set up for good sound to play music. So, if you and your friends want to enjoy some good tunes, that is not the right situation. A professional listening room in a club will give you that ultimate experience.

Very First Listening Room Opened In Illinois

It is now official. Illinois has its very first listening room. Of course, it opened in Chicago which makes total sense because of the rich music history in the Windy City. It is located inside The Exchange Chicago restaurant on Michigan Ave. Not only do they have an amazing place to listen to music but they also serve great food and beverages. I would call it a pretty darn cool experience.

According to,

"The Listening Room at The Exchange is Chicago's first listening experience fit for an audiophile."

"Inspired by Japanese listening cafes and featuring James Beard-nominated Chef Brian Huston's vegetable-centric, steakhouse-inspired menu, and private bar, Listening Room matches state-of-the-art audio with art and warm hospitality."


For more info, HERE.

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