I can't lie, I've had a lot of fun watching the "sell out phases" of this whole pandemic. We obviously all know where it started, toilet paper. Then it went to hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. Then we realized we might be stuck at home so we bought ALL the food. Like, all of it.

And now, we're fully stocked of TP, our freezers are bursting, and we're bored. Not only are we bored, we're bored and missing the hair salon apparently. According to Walmart, the latest thing were mass-buying is hair dye and hair clippers.

CNN details -

Sales of hair clippers increased 166% and hair coloring products rose 23%, from the same period a year earlier, according to Nielsen.

Our roots are growing out and we're bored, can you blame us? I barely recognize my boyfriend anymore his hair and beard are so long. We have no choice but to do DIY hair cuts! I'm not touching mine, but I will totally help my boyfriend when he decides it's time.

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