There is now a dating site for hardcore Disney fans.

Disney fans are passionate about one thing, and one thing only... Disney.

Disney dating site
Jennifer Graylock, Getty Images

If you are a Disney fan and you haven't found your prince or princess yet, don't worry there is hope! is here to help! is a dating site for Disney fans. The site was created by Dave Tavres, a former Disneyland Railroad engineer and a serious fan. It launched on December 1st of this year and the response is overwhelming.

According to LAMag, users of the site are asked to check boxes of their favorite Disney songs, Disney shopping habits and to rank their 'Disney nerd level' in hopes of finding a match.

Anyone can view user profiles, but if you would like to contact someone, it requires a $12.55 monthly membership fee.

Of course, only hardcore Disney fans would know that the '55' is a nod to the year the park opened.




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