A New COVID-19 Vaccination Website Just Launched in Illinois
It's wild to think that almost a year later we're finally in the midst of the COVID-19 vaccine getting rolled out. And now that we're in that phase, do you know if you're eligible to receive the vaccine? Good news Illinois, there's actually a website that just launched to ma…
Dangerous Website
This is just plain scary. I found my name on this website, and chances are you are on it too. Back in January, I reported on the dangerous FamilyTreeNow website, and now this one has popped up, it has all your private information and it is just as dangerous.
Risky Website
Have you ever done a google search with your name and come back  with some results that scared the heck out of you? I did, and this website I was on frightened the heck out of me. Chances are, you are on it too.