It only lasts a short period of time, but people take it very, very seriously!

My guy's haul from a hunt last year.
My guy's haul from a hunt last year.

You may have seen them before or you may not, but those brain-like looking fungi are gonna be popping up here real soon. And they're a culinary delicacy!

Forget trying to find them at your favorite local grocery store, the only way to get these mushrooms is to find them in the wild. Believe me when I tell you anyone who goes morel hunting means business. My guy got mad at the idea of me even writing this, out of fear that others will be on the hunt for these rare treats!

Morel mushroom season only happens in certain areas of the country and is very short. Most of the time you can only find them for about a couple of weeks. If there's been a lot of rain, it may extend the season.

Thankfully for you fungi fans, we live in an area where morels do grow. I haven't heard of any being found in this area yet, but they'll be here soon enough. In fact, there's a facebook page that breaks down the state of Illinois into its counties and is letting folks know where morels have already been found.

I normally am not a fan of mushrooms, but I'll even admit morels are pretty tasty! It's hard to describe to someone who's never had one, all I can really say is that they're good.

For fear of things getting super awkward at home, I won't disclose anymore as to what I know about morel hunting. I will wish you good luck if you do go out on the hunt and if you still have questions about them click the link below.

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