After striking a classmate with a rubber ball, a student in the Midwest was charged with assault.

Times have definitely changed. This would have never happened when I was a kid. I understand trying to prevent bullying, but is this taking it too far?

According to,

"A 10-year-old suburban Detroit boy has been charged with aggravated assault after hitting a 9-year-old classmate in the face with a rubber ball similar to a dodge ball."

"The students were playing "tips," a game played with a rubber ball, in which the ball is tossed into the air and players jump up to catch it and throw it up into the air before they come back to the ground."

When the game ended, an older boy whipped the ball into another player's face causing injuries. The mother of the hurt boy explained that he has a medical conditional and head injuries are dangerous for him. She also said it has happened other times. The other mom didn't know about the actions of her son.

The older boy did apologize for the incident and the pair are now going to be friends.

Hopefully, the problem will work itself out without the authorities being involved.

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