Marijuana is now legal in Michigan thanks to the recent election.

On Tuesday, people were lining up to vote all over the United States. It was considered a very important one.

In fact, things are going to change in a huge way in Michigan because the citizens chose to legalize pot.

According to,

"Voters in Michigan have opted to make their state the next to legalize marijuana."

56% of residents voted for it. Making them the 9th state to do so.

Officials in the state believe regulating and taxing is a much better idea. It will no longer waste law enforcement's time trying to enforce those laws and will generate millions for the state.

The new law will allow people 21 and over to possess, use, and grow small amounts of cannabis. It will also license businesses to grow and sell it including on the internet.

Hey, lawmakers in Illinois. It's time to climb aboard the gunja bandwagon.


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