Freeport's city council might be making some adjustments to their marijuana rules.

I see it all over social media and the news.

Cities and states are looking at weed in a much different way.

Many are changing their laws.

The latest local town to consider changes is Freeport.

According to,

"In Freeport, The City Council on Monday discussed a possible ordinance amendment that would ensure Freeport keeps up with the state’s marijuana laws."

As the state of Illinois marijuana law evolves, the city of Freeport would like to stay in line with them.

These new ordinances would clearly define what is marijuana, possession, and distribution.

Even though currently, Freeport is considering following the state's lead, they aren't afraid to go in a different direction if they don't feel comfortable.

In the world of marijuana in Illinois, things are going to get very interesting in the next few months. Especially, if new laws like the "The Industrial Hemp Act" pass.

I don't see us becoming like Colorado anytime soon, but doors of opportunity are opening.


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