Eating marijuana edibles has been sending some people to the emergency room.

It looks like we are going to have legal weed in Illinois sometime in the near future. That means more people will get the opportunity to partake. Of course, many choose to smoke it.

Nowadays, several pot users decide to ingest it like food. Better known as an edible. It usually comes in treat form like a brownie or gummy.

That could cause some new problems for newbies.

According to,

"The risks with edible marijuana products are high."

"A new study has found that visits to emergency rooms are disproportionately high for the number of edible products that are sold."

"Edibles bypass the lungs entirely as the drug is mixed into various foods, such as brownies, gummies, drinks, cookies, granola, and even popcorn. The downsides to edible marijuana have not been well studied."

"Edible marijuana accounted for more than 10 percent of emergency room visits more than 30 times the rate of its sales."

"Patients who consumed edible marijuana were more likely to report psychiatric problems, such as psychosis and panic attacks, as well as cardiovascular issues like abnormal heart rhythms and heart attacks."

"Because people may not feel high as quickly, they may eat more and accidentally consume more THC than they intended."

"Edible marijuana also stays in the body longer. The longer someone feels ill, the more likely they are to end up in an emergency room."

"For first-time users, it's recommended starting at a very low dose."

Be careful with those "special" treats.


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