Many people in the Rockford area still break the law and text while driving.

It's been awhile, since the "hands free" law came into effect in the state of Illinois. Yet I still see people doing it all the time, while driving around Rockford.

I was going down East State Street the other day and there's a car swerving back and forth. I got up close and the person was texting.

I'm driving on Alpine Road and a car was going way around the speed limit. They had the phone up to their ear talking.

When will people learn? How many accidents does there need to be?

According to,

"In just five days, Illinois State Troopers issued 1,000 distracted driving tickets."

That's a lot of people to get caught playing on their phone, while driving. Think about all the people doing it, who didn't get busted.

That's a lot of people still driving while distracted.

What if all those people decide to just start running the stoplight at Harrison Avenue and Perryville Road. There would be an uproar.

Do us all a favor and put down your phone and just drive. The call or text can wait until later.


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