Here's the new episode of "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford." This week I visit Rockford Art Deli.

Every Friday morning around 9ish, I have a segment on my show called "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford."

I've lived in town for over 20 years, but there are still things I haven't done yet. My friend, Andrea, from the RACVB takes me on an adventure each week to experience something new in Rockford.

This week, we visited Rockford Art Deli. I've been there before. I bought a really cool Rockford Lightning shirt, but it was basically a quick in and out. This time I hung out and spent some time there. I got a real feel for what they do and what they are all about. Plus, I've never screen printed a t-shirt in Rockford. In fact, I've never screen printed a t-shirt anywhere ever.

First of all, Rockford Art Deli is not just a store that sells t-shirts. It's more of a hangout. It's a place to spend some time. Do yourself a favor, don't rush in and out. The people are so friendly. They even have a store mascot, their dog, Pepper. She loves attention and will greet at the door.

Rockford Art Deli holds events like free print days and live music. They have one coming up for Halloween, so make sure you like them on Facebook. That way you won't miss any of the fun. They are also a great follow on Instagram. They have funny stories to enjoy.

I'm a big fan of t-shirts. That's basically all I wear, so going into Rockford Art Deli is like a dream come true. So many awesome t-shirts. Their designs are very creative. Plus, they are all Rockford, Illinois, or Midwest related. I was blown away by how much pride they have for Rockford. It's so nice to see. Especially, with all the negative press our town gets.

The fact they make everything in-house is so impressive. They come up with the designs, make the screens, and print the shirts all right there in the store. They even have it set-up so you can watch them screen print the shirts.

Since I wear t-shirts all the time, I always wondered about the whole process of making them. I was excited that I was going to the not only learn how to do it. I was also going to get a chance to try it myself.

I would like to thank Andy for walking me through the whole process. It was a fun experience. In the video, you will get to see how it's done. You can even see me taking a crack at printing a shirt.

I would like to thank Britney for hosting us. In the beginning of the video, you will see I'm blindfolded and I have to guess what item she has with her. She totally stumped me.

Here's our visit to Rockford Art Deli.

Video: Making t-shirts at Rockford Art Deli

I hope you enjoyed my adventure at Rockford Art Deli.

If you've never been there before, I definitely recommend checking it out. Rockford Art Deli is located at 402 E State Street. It's part of the exciting growing community in downtown Rockford.

Special thanks to Britney and Jarrod for having us, Andy for showing us the ropes, and Andrea from the RACVB for setting it all up.

Coming up next on "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford," a visit to the Rockford Symphony.


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