An inmate in the midwest has a major fail when he attempts to escape.

Honestly, when I first saw this story, I thought this can't be real. It seems more like a scene for a movie, not reality.

According to,

"An inmate in the Jackson County jail in Indiana is facing new charges after his brazen escape attempt failed when he fell through the ceiling of the booking room."

Here's some video of the incident.

Video: Watch Indiana Inmate Fall Through Ceiling Trying To Escape

The man was in jail for "failure to appear in court."

He thought after being returned to his cell would be a good time to try to escape. The inmate climbed into the ceiling where he made his way to the booking room. Officers heard him above and ordered him to get down immediately.

The situation didn't work out quite as the guards wanted. The tiles broke and the runner fell causing major damage.

Looks like this suspect will be spending a little bit more time in prison.


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