Now this news story is a little old, but still pretty awesome.


Drunk Student

The T.V. anchor telling this story, Matt Rodewald, lives in Arizona now so this is a bit dated.

According to a news story from WTVO, September of 2015, Loves Park was determined to be the "Drunkest City in Illinois".

So what makes Love Park the drunkest, let's break it down:

  • Population: 23,968
  • Divorce Rate - 9th in Illinois
  • Bars Per Capita - 14th in Illinois
  • Liquor Stores Per Capita - 13th in Illinois

Plus let's face it, Loves Park knows how to party. I've been to years of "outdoor festivals", let's say around Memorial Day, and the boozing was insane. Small beer, large beer, no I would like my own personal pitcher known as a "Hemi" and I'm going to collect them all day long. That's drinky.

So drink it up Loves Park, and be safe.








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