If you're looking for a new career, Japan needs ninjas.

According to avclub.com

"The Japanese tourism industry is currently suffering from a crippling ninja shortage."

I believe this could be a great opportunity for some people in Rockford.

Unemployment is high in our area, so there are many people looking for work.

Since they don't have a job, they would have time to train. Maybe there could be a "get paid to train" program set up.

There is a lot of interest in MMA fighting including several fighters, training facilities, and local events.

The potential ninjas could eat at JMK Nippon constantly to get use to the style of food there. Also, live in the guest house at Anderson Gardens.

We can have our new mayor, Tom McNamara, set up a "sister city" deal with a smaller town about an hour outside of Tokyo.

The Chicago Rockford International Airport can book flights to and from Japan.

The reality show "American Ninja Warrior" could start filming in Rockford at the new UW Health Sports Factory.

Ninjas in training could help the Rockford police with the crime problem.

This could work out great between Rockford and Japan.

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