We all see things for free on Craigslist and then wonder if it really is true. This ad for a certain item will make you ill and laugh at the same time. 

I am always one who likes a great deal. Especially if it is free. Sometimes, you have to question if an ad on Craigslist is really true or not. I stumbled upon this ad for a free full size mattress and frame. The picture was next to disgusting, but there is a reason for it.

Here is what the original ad says, which was posted on February 14th:

"Free full mattress set and bed frame. Gently used and well cared for. It was our spare bedroom set. It has been slept on about a dozen times in the past 10 years. We are upgrading and need this one gone as soon as possible. The brown area visible in the mattress, is from our 84 year old Grandfather who thought he had to fart and pushed a little to hard. We have had the mattress professionally cleaned, so no residual order remains but as you will see the brown area is permanent. This does not effect the sleepable aspect and with a good thick dark sheet no one will be the wiser."

That line in bold made me laugh so hard, i couldn't talk for five minutes! Why would anyone try to get rid of something that had a huge stain like that. Well, you will be surprised as to who actually want that. If it was really an item that was to be given away.

It turns out that the ad is a spoof. There is no mattress and frame that is being given away. Here is the rest of the ad:

"*UPDATE* After receiving around 10 messages wanting the mattress set and Five proclaiming I am disgusting for posting. I have to come clean and say that this posting was a mere satire of so many postings here that attempt to give away items that no body would ever want. Such as piles of brush, broken concrete chunks, furniture that has seen better days many years ago, bald tires, a used coffee mug and various other complete garbage items. Please accept my humble apology. I hope those who responded see the update before the flagging police remove the post."

Here is my question: Why would anyone want that? You couldn't pay me to pick that up and put it where I live. Also, I can see why people would be grossed out about that mattress. But, good for the person who posted that ad. It is ridiculous why people post free stuff on Craigslist that no one wants.